Project: Concrete Scanning for Coring Holes


During the construction of a 13 story building, three stacks of cans intended for plumbing lines were misplaced by three inches. As such, new coring holes needed to be drilled in the correct location on each floor.

As with any coring job it is essential to scan the area first to ensure that no rebar or conduits are hit, and the designated area is safe. This requires the need for a trained GPR technician.


Xradar were engaged to perform the Concrete Scanning and each location was scanned by a fully trained Xradar technician using High frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

In addition to structural steel (blue/green) the technician was able to identify multiple, embedded electrical conduits (red) within close proximity of the holes. These holes were either cleared or relocated to avoid hazardous electrical conduits. Each location was then cored safely.