Half Cell Potential

Half cell potential measurement is used to evaluate the severity of corrosion activity and indirectly the durability of concrete reinforcement in the vicinity of suspected corrosion. It provides a standardized outcome and can deliver speedy results after a survey is done.

Applications of Half Cell Potential

The test is cost-effective and can be used in any concrete structure where a connection point to the rebar network is possible. The survey is described in the ASTM C876 standard and can be carried out alongside Xradar™ Corrosion Mapping to achieve higher confidence results.

Half cell potential can be used for the assessment of bridge decks, parking lots, concrete piers and docks, tunnels or any reinforced concrete slab.


Half cell potential works by measuring the potential difference between a reference electrode placed on the surface of the concrete and the rebar network within the structure beneath.

Measurements are done in a grid pattern, and subsequent data points are gridded to provide a contour map of the half cell potential gradient values throughout the survey area.