Structural Investigation

As-built drawings for concrete structures detailing concrete thickness, reinforcement cover, spacing & diameter, foundation locations & more.
Xradar™ is able to scan large areas and produce accurate, detailed surveys, along with steel reinforcement drawings which will help you study the carrying capacity of a concrete slab. Each comprehensive report details slab type, thickness, and presence of buried target.
Drawings are produced in AutoCAD by our in-house drafters and presented in plan view or any orientation with the option to overlay on existing floor plans.

Outcomes of a Structural Investigation report:

Plans in any format can be quickly produced (DWG, PDF etc...)
Concrete thickness, reinforcement cover, spacing & diameter, foundation locations & more
Attributes can be used to calculate structural integrity & load capacity
Update historical or inaccurate structural drawings

The Reporting Process

Xradar structural drawings provide comprehensive, invaluable information extracted from our survey to inform engineering decisions for planning and construction phases.

3D laser scans are used to collect Xradar data on site, which is then processed to produce accurate models to deliver quantifiable, detailed measurements of structural attributes.

Flexible digital outputs in the form of raw data, maps and CAD-ready files make it easy to incorporate existing as-built slab conditions into structural design and analysis.

Here's an overview of the various reports Xradar produce.

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