Void & Crack Detection

Subsurface voids are gaps within or below concrete slabs that can be a great concern for Engineers and property owners.
Voids can be caused by a number of factors, but typically it is related to substandard concrete construction, leaking or broken utilities, poor compaction of the subgrade, and/or poor drainage of the subgrade.
Utilising our Xradar™ concrete scanning methods we are able to accurately locate and map the presence of voids in a non-destructive way. Identifying exact locations and allowing you to take the necessary measures to repair the concrete slab.

Voids can be caused by:

Substandard concrete construction
Defective utilities
Poor compaction of the subgrade
Poor drainage of the subgrade
Ground disturbance

Voids are commonly found:

In large concrete slabs
Below roadways and bridges
Within block wall

Analyzing the Presence of Voids

Our Xradar™ trained technicians carry out a full scan of the area where voids are suspected and produce a void map outlining the presence of any suspected voids.

Survey results can be presented in a number of ways depending on your needs. As standard we perform a 3D laser scan of the area, allowing you to better reference the area in a virtual walkthrough, or with the survey results overlaid on actual images of the site. This can then be produced and handed off in AutoCAD, allowing your team to make fast and accurate decisions without the need for a site visit.

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