Xradar™ Concrete Coring

Diamond Core Drilling techniques are used when a precise circular penetration is needed at any angle to accommodate plumbing, electrical or HVAC. Xradar™ Concrete Coring is setting the standard for clean and efficient concrete coring and drilling, with a no-hit success rate that’s comfortably one of the highest in the industry.
Xradar™ take pride in working cleanly and efficiently, ensuring that the client’s space is returned to its original state. Using dust free, low noise output, and low disruption methods, the coring team leaves nothing more than a perfectly cut core hole beside the original scanned workings.

Xradar™ regularly cores safely & cleanly in the following areas:

Train Control rooms
Large US Internet Service Provider backup server rooms
High end retail stores & malls
Federal & provincial courthouses

Cutting and Drilling Concrete

The Xradar™ Concrete Coring team is trained in-house in reading Xradar™ Concrete Scans to allow for precision coring even in the busiest of slabs without incident.

The team only core locations that were previously scanned by Xradar™ Concrete Scanning technicians to ensure the highest level of concrete imaging is available to the Coring Team before penetrating a structure.

Technicians are experienced with slab scanning and cutting in the most difficult buildings; ranging from provincial courthouses, server rooms of major ISPs, and Train stations.

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