Why Xradar Concrete Imaging is the Most Reliable Form of Concrete Inspection

April 18, 2018
When it comes to concrete inspection and concrete scanning, there are a number of potential solutions, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Whether you are scanning the ground for subsurface objects such as conduits, PT cables, or rebar, or are detecting voids, or inspecting for corrosion in rebar, you require a cost-effective, reliable solution that minimizes errors as much as possible.

Xradar has been proven to reduce concrete scanning errors to less than 1%, compared to the 25% typical for the scanning industry. This places it far ahead of the competition in terms of reliability, offering you a cost-effective, time-saving answer for all of your concrete inspection needs.

What makes Xradar different?

Other forms of concrete scanning include Concrete X-Ray and Ground Penetrating Radar. While these have their own merits, they simply do not compare to the benefits of Xradar.

For a long time X-Ray was the target in terms of accuracy, providing an exact image of the subsurface. However, this method is restrictive, expensive, and time-consuming. Find out more about X-Ray vs Xradar here.

GPR offers a fast, adaptable, and inexpensive alternative to concrete X-Ray, but is not without its issues. With a lack of regulation there are a large number of GPR contractors who simply do not have the skill and understanding to utilize the service effectively.

Xradar is a new method of concrete scanning, developed from GPR and carried out exclusively by trained and authorized Xradar technicians. This provides the accuracy of X-Ray with the safety and efficiency of GPR. In addition, Xradar can distinguish between multiple levels of steel reinforcement, “see” conduits below steel reinforcement, and determine the size of these areas – all of which GPR is unable to do.

Choosing reliability and efficiency

With specially trained technicians Xradar provides you with complete peace of mind and ensures that any concrete inspection and scanning is carried out in the most efficient manner, providing the most accurate results.

This saves you time, prevents injuries, and vastly reduces costly errors that can happen as the result of poor scanning.

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