Xradar Partners With Sonicon To Form Xradar Asia

December 6, 2022
Xradar is proud to announce it is partnering with Sonicon Construction to form Xradar Asia. The new branch - headquartered in Malaysia - officially launched November 1st 2022.

Sonicon Construction

Sonicon is an established construction service provider specializing in concrete cutting and coring in Malaysia and Singapore. With 20 years of experience in the market, Sonicon has strong ties with reputable developers, major contractors, and leading interior designers. Their work spans across the residential and commercial sectors, and includes large infrastructure projects

After a slight dip during the Covid pandemic, the Malaysian construction industry rebounded by 6.1% in the second quarter of 2022. That renewed growth will inevitably bring increased risk to those working in construction. As valuable as it is to the economy, the industry is one of the main contributors to fatal accidents in the country. 

Xradar Asia technicians scan and mark a concrete slab at the foot of a pillar
Xradar Asia technicians scan and mark a concrete slab at the foot of a pillar

The Benefits Of Partnership

As a major player in the Malaysian market over the past two decades, Sonicon recognized safer practices need to be introduced to the construction industry. Concrete scanning is not as widely practiced in the region as it is in North America. The current scanning methods do not compare to the accuracy of Xradar’s patented form of Ground Penetrating Radar. 

“Realizing the gap in the industry, we decided to enter into a strategic partnership with Xradar because we wanted to emphasize the importance of construction scanning in the renovation, refurbishment, and rectification market while improving our knowledge, equipment, and software of this practice in the region.”

Guan Han Tan, Founder and Managing Director of Sonicon Construction

Xradar Directors Morgan Carman (left) and Will Meredith (right) with Xradar Asia VP, Guan Han Tan

With Xradar™ Concrete Scanning, imaging technicians can “see” through wire mesh and determine which objects and materials are embedded in a concrete slab. Electrical conduits, radiant heating lines, post-tension cables and steel reinforcement can all be distinguished from one another. Xradar can also be applied to determine the structural integrity of a concrete structure, map corrosion, and locate voids. 

This non-destructive method can essentially detect and map anything embedded in concrete. Through knowledge share and an extensive training program, the two entities believe their alliance is a win-win. 

“With the help of this partnership, we hope to introduce a new level of engineering standards to the Southeast Asian construction and engineering industry. By combining Xradar’s technology with Sonicon's local industry expertise, this partnership will help bring increased safety standards to the cutting, coring, and drilling sector in the region.”

Morgan Carman, Founding Director and Vice President of Xradar

Technician safely scans slab with Xradar™ technology

Xradar Centre for Excellence 

This partnership marks Xradar’s first foray into the international market. It is a product of Xradar’s Centre for Excellence - a venture that encourages collaboration with companies operating in similar realms. 

Are you part of a GPR services company looking to expand its national footprint and gain market share in urban centres? If so, please get in touch with Will Meredith (will.m@xradar.ca) to discuss potential partnership opportunities.