Correcting a failed concrete scan in a Toronto construction project

Xradar were requested to rescan a location that had already been "cleared" after a conduit was struck during coring.


A construction client in Toronto previously contracted another company to perform a concrete scan for an area of suspended slab to be cut out.

The client was hesitant prior to cutting due to the lack of detail and indistinguishable markings on the slab, despite a relatively simple scan zone (Figure 1).

Cutting of the slab went ahead and unsurprisingly a conduit was struck at the edge of the scan zone.

This potentially dangerous situation resulted in major problems for the client with large repair bills and more project delays to correct for this error.

Figure 1 - Previous concrete scan with indistinguishable markings. A conduit was struck on the top core hole.
Figure 2 - Completed Xradar concrete scan including clear on-site markings, conduit and column cap that was not identified on competitor’s scan.


Xradar's trained technician performed a secondary scan over the area using XradarTM technology, accurately detecting all objects within the slab (Figure 2).

Despite dense steel reinforcement including a top layer (green) and bottom layer (blue), the missed conduit (red) from the previous scan was identified running through the scan zone.

Xradar were also able to guide the client away from visible column caps (yellow) and other important objects inside the slab, including an embedded steel rod hanging the sprinkler pipe from the underside of the slab (red ‘x’).

Xradar's clear markings and labelling within the yellow scan boundary gave the client all the information he required and full confidence to proceed with cutting.

In addition to our site work, Xradar's scan came with a full digital report outlining all the details found in our survey. This allows engineers to approve the scan location remotely without needing to attend site.