Project: Concrete Scanning for Equipment Installation

The construction industry is embracing a trend of increased planning and preparation. This allows for timely and efficient work as well as risk mitigation. Despite this, mistakes and overlooked aspects of a project are still almost inevitable, especially on large projects with several parties involved. Xradar are able to work with project teams to reduce that element of risk to a comfortable level.


Shortly following the completion of the new Port Mann Bridge ice build up on the suspension cables began to fall, injuring a number of people and damaging numerous vehicles.

These suspension cables support ten lanes of traffic across the Fraser River and with faulty de-icing mechanisms causing ice to fall it was imperative to install new equipment. The towers supporting the cables would provide the anchor point for the new mechanisms, however, drilling here could damage their structural integrity should any rebar be hit in the installation process.


Xradar were employed to scan the top of both 163 meter high towers, which support the cables. Using our Enhanced Concrete Scanning, the location of rebar was accurately marked out on the slab so that it could be avoided during the drilling process.

The project went ahead successfully and no structural damage was incurred as safe drilling practices were followed.