Project: Structural Analysis Report for Engineering Company

The construction industry is embracing a trend of increased planning and preparation. This allows for timely and efficient work as well as risk mitigation. Despite this, mistakes and overlooked aspects of a project are still almost inevitable, especially on large projects with several parties involved. Xradar are able to work with project teams to reduce that element of risk to a comfortable level.


A local engineering company required a non-destructive examination and analysis report to determine the presence, orientation, spacing and depth of any structural reinforcing steel within the concrete wall of a building.

In addition they needed to determine the presence and size of footings below areas of the concrete wall and columns in the building. It was essential to carry out non-destructive testing in order to maintain the structural integrity of the building.

gpr scan analysis


The survey covered multiple locations throughout the basement, ground level floors, and one exterior location, utilizing Xradar Enhanced Concrete Scanning. This method of non-destructive testing can determine the exact location, size, and depth of hidden objects.

Tie bars and rebar were identified within the structure at varying depths. The depths of protruding wooden beams were also determined, along with the identification of a vertical air gap within the concrete wall.

The presence and depths of footings were also mapped and outlined for the client.

Example of a Structural Analysis Report

Here is the completed structural analysis report (location and client information have all been removed for confidentiality):

scan analysis report