Introducing Xradar’s New Location – Calgary, Alberta

March 28, 2024
Xradar has a new presence in Calgary, enabling our services in another key target market for Xradar within Canada. This time, within the province of Alberta.

Great news for general contractors, mechanical engineers, and realtors within Calgary and in wider Alberta!

Xradar is thrilled to announce that it now offers its renowned guaranteed concrete scanning services in Alberta, ensuring our clients in this region benefit from a more efficient service, competitive rates, and unparallelled Xradar scanning quality.

Clients in construction, engineering, municipalities, and various other fields can now access Xradar's specialized ground penetrating radar (GPR) and other Non-Destructive Testing techniques locally. Xradar will be in a great location to be able to provide services such as concrete scanning, corrosion mapping, and structural investigation to the region.

The mission in this new venture is to make concrete imaging safer, more affordable and of higher quality than traditional methods such as XRay. The new Calgary-based technicians are trained over a period over 6+ months to ensure that our scanning continues to be of the highest standard with a success rate of 99.9%.

The immediate area being serviced will be Edmonton, Red Deer, and of course the Calgary Metropolitan Area.

Whilst in the planning for some time, the launch of Xradar in Alberta has come at a time when the construction industry continues to boom in development with both residential and commercial buildings being constructed. 

According to the City of Calgary, 15,393 homes were built in the city in 2023; 11 per cent more than the previous year. Calgary and its surrounding communities rank as the fastest-growing area in the Prairies, according to recently released Statistics Canada data.

Over the past year, Xradar has received numerous job requests throughout Alberta, requiring mobilization from the prairie province. This indicates the emergence of a promising market.

"Our clients and customers in Calgary have been very impressed by Xradar’s service and have indicated that being able to mobilize from the region would have a huge impact on their projects. Although scanning practices are relatively widespread, Xradar’s quality of service will put us in a strong position within this market." 

Nic Kruse, Operations Director at Xradar West

Xradar can now extend its innovative solutions to a wider range of clients in the region. As ever, we have confidence in our professionalism, precision, and reporting accuracy, which is why all our scans come with a guarantee.

“We will guarantee that the results of our scan will not lead to damaging an unforeseen target… or we will pay for the repair.”

Following the setup of this location Xradar expects to grow the region’s team and services further. We look forward to connecting with existing clients and partners, while also becoming part of the community in Calgary.

If you have a need for our services, or if you have any questions about the above, please get in touch with our team via our contact page, email at, or by calling ‍(403) 900-1502.