Xradar Sets its Sights on Victoria and Vancouver Island

May 18, 2023
Great news for general contractors, mechanical engineers, and realtors on Vancouver Island! Xradar is thrilled to announce that it now offers its renowned guaranteed concrete scanning services on the island.

With Xradar's specialized ground penetrating radar (GPR) and other Non-Destructive Testing techniques, clients in construction, engineering, real estate, and various other fields can benefit greatly.

Xradar Island Technician Jessy Gentes scanning the underside of a concrete slab

The launch of Xradar on Vancouver Island has been a long-awaited plan, and the timing couldn't be better. Here's why:

  1. Increased Density: The Victoria council has opened up to increased density and new developments in the downtown core and greater CRD.
  2. Population Growth: The projected population growth for the South Island over the next 20 years is an impressive 22%.
  3. Growing Demand: In the past year, Xradar has received numerous job requests on the island, requiring mobilization from the lower mainland. This indicates the emergence of a promising market.

"Our clients and customers in Victoria have often expressed their lack of confidence in the existing concrete scanning companies on the island. Scanning practices are not as widespread here, resulting in very few companies specializing in NDT. We aim to fill that void." 

Nic Kruse, Division Manager at Xradar

With our new office opening on Vancouver Island, Xradar can now extend its innovative solutions to a wider range of clients in the region. We have the utmost confidence in our professionalism, precision, and reporting accuracy, which is why all our scans come with a guarantee that you will not encounter any embedded targets if our guidance is followed.

Embedded metal conduits mapped and marked out by an Xradar technician prior to slab repair work

To celebrate this milestone, we are hosting a launch party on June 15th at 328 Taphouse Bar + Grill, conveniently located next to our Island office. We invite members of the construction and engineering community in the South Island to join us on this special occasion.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover how Xradar can enhance your engineering and construction projects. See you on June 15th!